A letter for friends

A letter for friends

Dear Friends

I am sure you will be sorry to hear that my dear mother Marion died on Tuesday, 9 September, after a six-year struggle with cancer.

Marion was admitted to St Joseph’s hospital in Giessen on 1 August, after the cancer specialist who had treated her found that her kidneys were failing to function properly, and she remained there for three weeks. She then came back home and was provided with a special bed and treated three times a day by a nursing service. However, her condition deteriorated and on 2 September she was readmitted to St Joseph’s.

Michael, David, Claver and I visited her every day and she was able at first to understand and talk to us. On Monday, 8 September, Michael and Claver went to see her, but found her unconscious and breathing with difficulty. The nurses told them that she could hear and understand them, but of course she was unable to reply. On Tuesday, 9 September, my father went to the hospital at about 10 o’clock in the morning and was met by some of the nurses, who told him that Marion had died peacefully at about 2.30 in the morning.

Michael, David, Claver and I agreed that Marion should be cremated, and this will take place on Friday, 12 September, after a service in the chapel of the New Cemetery in Giessen. There will also be requiem masses for Marion at the Catholic church of St Thomas More in Giessen, at St James the Great, Quarmby, Huddersfield and at the Catholic church in Hexham.

Marion was much loved by us and by many others beside us. She was strong and kind and looked after us all. We shall always remember her with love.

We ask you to think sometimes of her and, if you are able, to say a prayer for her.